Premi de fotografia digital Òscar Ribes

Òscar Ribes (1959-1989)

Born in Lleida on May 29th, 1959. He attends Maristes school till 5th year of Batxillerat, and he starts doing outdoor mountain activities with one of his teachers. 
He is introduced as well to photography from an early age due to family tradition. Òscar finishes the Batxillerat in the Institut Màrius Torres of Lleida and begins Geography studies, but finally he turns to professional technical formation on photography in Barcelona. 

He works as a professional photograph, combining teaching (Escola de Belles Arts, Escola del Treball…), studio work and other commissions (architecture, industrial photography). He is a member of the Societat Fotogràfica de Lleida, where he organizes different exhibitions. 
He gets involved in labor union activities and in the Centre Excursionista de Lleida, and he is an active member of the city’s cultural life. 

During these years he combines his two big passions: mountain and photography. He is an ice climbing trailblazer in Catalonia, opening new routes in Tavascan and Serra del Cadí. As for photography, he starts doing exhibitions about his journeys: “Marroc”, “Alps”, “7.000 km per Europa”, “Reflexos del Port de Barcelona”.

He dies from a mountain accident on July 20th, 1989 because of an avalanche on top of the Nevado Alpamayo (5,947 m), while he was climbing the Ferrari route. Considered “La montaña más bella del mundo”, the Alpamayo is in the Cordillera Blanca in Perú. With Òscar also die two fellows from the Basque Country, Gabriel Lazcano and José Luís Ziaurriz.

From left to right: Manel Solís, Gabriel Lazcano (R.I.P.), José Luis Ziaurriz (R.I.P.), Òscar Ribes (R.I.P.) and the cook and keeper, Marcelino Rojas. The three men in the middle lost their lives in the Alpamayo.